A Tribute to Samuel Belzberg




Balfour Pacific invests on behalf of leading institutional and high net worth investors and operates in partnership with some of the sharpest local partners in the United States. We focus on high growth markets and are noted for identifying underpriced and out-of-favor assets. We follow each acquisition with a well-executed asset management plan to generate maximum value from each property.

Our significant market presence, creative deal making and reputation for operating with integrity make us a leading partner for commercial real estate.

Balfour Pacific Real Estate IV

This US$70 million real estate limited partnership is 83% invested. The limited partnership currently has 2.9 million sq. ft. under management in five U.S. cities.

Second City Real Estate II LP

This US$120 million real estate limited partnership is 95% invested. The Second City Real Estate Limited Partnerships operate under the leadership of James Farrar and Greg Tylee.

Second City Capital Partners II LP

This US$102 million real estate limited partnership has been fully invested and certain of its assets were rolled in to create the NYSE-listed City Office REIT.

Second City Capital Partners I LP

This US$100 million private equity limited partnership was fully and successfully invested and all capital returned to investors.

Some people say you are only as good as your last deal. The way I look at life, I’m only as good as my next deal, and the one after that.

SAMUEL BELZBERG – Founder of Balfour Pacific